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We will be out of the office March 16 thru March 20
We will be back in the office on Monday, March 23

The Tahlequah Chiropractors Who Listen

Welcome to Abels Chiropractic Centre

Tahlequah family chiropractor

Tahlequah Families Stay Healthy at Abels Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic is drug-free. Chiropractic is safe and natural. Chiropractic is backed by research. And chiropractors enjoy one of the highest levels of patients satisfaction in health care!

How do you choose a good chiropractor?

Look for a chiropractor in Tahlequah who volunteers information. Look for a chiropractor in Tahlequah that is conveniently located. And look for a chiropractor in Tahlequah willing to field phone calls and answer questions.

Tour our site and then call our Tahlequah Chiropractic office. See why so many of your health-conscious neighbors already have!

Dr. Christian Abels | Tahlequah, OK Chiropractor